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Gaping Flaws, the show which earned him much praise at last year's Fringe, was a savagely funny look at the uglier character traits which make Britain unique.

From Britain's love of the bottle to our less sophisticated romantic techniques, it was seldom pretty but always incisively observed. Trollope and Shakespeare were as likely to be mentioned as wife-beater lager."Painters would call it chiaroscuro where, instead of painting what you want to see, you use light and dark and the meaning comes from the contrast between the two." Given his familiarity with Renaissance drawing techniques and 19th-century literary figures, it would be easy to surmise that Kane is the product of a privileged Oxbridge background slumming it in the muddy fields of stand-up. His mother is a cleaner and his father, now deceased, was a panel beater.

David Kane died five years ago and his son performed his first stand-up gig the same month.There might be echoes of Brand in his estuary-vowelled delivery and hints of Howard in his whimsy, but Kane is very much his own Russell.His turn of phrase is as sharp and distinctive as his quiff.Kane's brother lives in sheltered housing after suffering drug-related brain damage.Growing up in the Kane household, reading provoked suspicion rather than encouragement, especially from his father, but this didn't stop Kane junior going on to gain a first-class degree in English.

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